by The Desks

  1. One Thing
  2. To The Supermarket
  3. Forgive You
  4. Well What
  5. Lately It's Been Hard
  6. Couldn't Be
  7. Here, There's a Place for You
  8. Use it Up
  9. Under My Hat
  10. Unsung
  11. Home is Where The Home Studio Is
  12. Wrong Muesli
  13. Elephant or Lion
  14. Lie Detector
This album is no longer available!

Recorded and mixed for the 20th project in January/May/October 2010, January/June/September 2007, February/April/June/August 2008, June/September/December 2009 and November 2005, mainly in Summer Hill, Marrickville and Vancouver and also some bits in Glebe, Stanmore, Warriewood and the train from Redfern to Parramatta.
Additional mixing on the train between Parramatta and Redfern 2010.

Jeff Edwards - guitars, vocals, whistling, keyboards, piano, ukulele, organ, cd cabinet, synths, melodica, ottoman, beanbag, bowls, loop pedal, slide whistle, tambourine, shaker, trumpet, handclaps and glockenspiel.
Beth Taylor - vocals on 10 and 11, car blinker on 1.
Leo Edwards - chimes on 13.

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